martedì 6 settembre 2011

Jimi Hendrix grande 5000 plettri


Jimi Hendrix Mosaic Made of Guitar Picks

Un ritratto di Jimi Hendrix realizzato con mosaico di 5000 plettri, dall'artista britannico Ed Chapman, venduto ad un'asta per beneficienza per la ricerca sul cancro. (ecco perché non si trova più il pickmaster...)
Hendrix Pick Art 2 Jimi Hendrix Mosaic Made of Guitar Picks
This piece of art was made from over 5000 Fender guitar picks, a brand commonly associated with Hendrix, as he often played their guitars at the peak of his career. Having died at the age of 27 from an accidental overdose, Hendrix is often viewed as a tragic figure in music history. This aspect of him is reflected in the fact that this art piece was actually made to be auctioned off for Cancer Research UK – in fact, it ended up selling for £23,000, surpassing its guide price of £12,000-16,000 by a considerable amount.
The mosaic captures the familiar look of the black and white glamour photographs that documented his early career. However, it goes beyond the typical black and white spectrum by using picks that come in a wide range of colours for an overall look that is subtly colourful and richly textured. For example, instead of just using black for the hair, the artist used a mix of navy blue, green and purple, with some vibrant magenta, cyan and even pink picks thrown in as highlights.
British Mosaic Artist Ed Chapman is one of the top British mosaic artists. In his instantly recognisable style Ed Chapman achieves incredibly detailed results in his mosaic art, painstakingly creating his subjects using hundreds of fragments of ceramic tile, vitreous glass, paper or even sugar cubes.
Influenced by many artists such as Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jamie Reid, Ed also finds inspiration for his mosaic works in the music and TV, as well as in everyday articles such as magazines.

E secondo voi mi potevo perdere l'occasione per farci anche un paio di orecchini??? giammai!!!
Sullo sfondo la foto di Jimi Hendrix al concerto di Woodstock, dal libro 1969 - Un Anno di Fotografia, ed. Contrasto

3 commenti:

  1. Wow what a cool mosaic with the guitar picks!! Very cool.

  2. Il mosaico è bellissimo !
    Purtroppo non ho mai superato la mia antipatia per Hendrix
    ma gli orecchini sono carinissimi,
    con le foglioline di marijuana eh eh eh ......

  3. sarah I wonder if they are real guitar pickss or only that shape... but I always like big collages with unusual stuff :)
    angela: se si fosse fermato alle foglie chissà adesso che suonerebbe...


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