giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Design strumentale da barcellona: wouff!

Super divertenti le creazioni degli spagnoli Wouff!, uno studio di design a Barcellona che produce originali cuscini e sedute a forma di amplificatori, sintetizzatori, audiocassette, tamburi, xilofoni e anche pile di fumetti, cubi di kubrick, maxi-gelati...collaborazioni con artisti... me gustan mucho :)


    …who we are:
    Woouf! a young and multidisciplinary design studio born in Barcelona at the end of 2008.
    …what we do:
    We design exclusive and avant-garde products with a clear target: make the difference. We innovate and bet for a combination of creativity, functionality and quality.
    bean bags and cushions:
    The basic concept of our first bean bags collection comes from the idea of inverting the dimensions of some of the objects that are part of our universe in relation with the spectactors and reinterpretate them.
    We want to surprise and provoke a reaction with our products. We want the first one to be an exclamation: Woouf!
    …thought for:
    Woouf  products personalize spaces and create style.
    Our products are thought for individuals as well as for any space that desires to have a contemporary and original decoration and furniture.
    We also design tailormade products for companies or cultural institutions: exhibitions, presentations, festivals and all kinds of events.
    made in Barcelone:
    All of our products are “Made in Barcelone”.  This means we can supervise carefully from beginning to end their development (from the first designs to the finishes) due to a vertical production system that economizes in the externalization of the processus. Therefore we garantee maximun quality in all our products.

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