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Chanel Paris-Bombay: i ricami e i gioielli tra alta moda e marajah

 Maison Lesage / Maison Desrues - CHANEL Paris-Bombay Métiers d'Art 2011/12
The atelier of embroidery Lesage and button-makerand jewelry atelier Desrues for the Paris-Bombay Métiers d'Art collection (pre-fall 2012 - vedi la sfilata su Vogue)
Incredibile lavoro di ricamo, incastonatura di pietre, creazione di gioielli e accessori dell'ultima collezione di Chanel, decisamente alta moda!

“We’ve had Paris-London, we’ve had Paris-Shanghai, so it felt like time to go off the circuit, to somewhere less expected,” said Karl Lagerfeld after Tuesday’s Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show, entitled Paris-Bombay. “And Coco [Chanel] loved Indian jewelry. But it’s not a cheap tourist tour of India! It was sophisticated, no?” Indeed it was Karl. How could it not be? This is Chanel’s annual love letter to all of the incredible and venerable ateliers whose work allows for this Métiers d’Art collection (exquisitely worked prêt-à-porter with rarified price tags to match, and which delivers to stores around the same time as pre-fall) and the haute couture to exist; the house’s patrimony of time-honored French craftsmanship preserves it for generations to come at a time when fashion is being ever more outsourced to be made all over the globe. At Chanel’s disposal, the combined force of the likes of Lesage (the embroidery house headed until a very short while ago by the recently passed 82-year-old François Lesage), buttons and jewelry by Desrues, metalwork by Goossens, flowers of lace, silk, and velvet by Guillet, and the newest addition to the stable, announced only yesterday, Montex, another storied Parisian embroiderer. (da Vogue)
chanel paris bombay traditional indian jewelry Articoli su questa collezione con richiami ai luoghi che l'hanno ispirata:

Chanel Paris-Bombay Inspiration: Bombay, The Maharajas Palace, Lady Curzon, Jewels and The Bombay Express

Traditional Indian Jewels

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  1. AMO questa collezione... e ti dirò di più, mi è venuta voglia di creare qualcosa a tema.. vediamo se dopo i bijoux che sto realizzando oggi riesco a cominciare questi ;).


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