sabato 5 novembre 2011

I gioielli di carta di Jennaca Leigh Davies

pendente per collana a cono (da tenere presente anche come alberello di natale)
orecchini rossi a chiodo

lavorazione elaboratissima per questo bracciale

I work with elements to create structure, shape, pattern, and form. I am fascinated with nature's mysterious geometries, so often intrinsically mathematical and logical in construction. Inspirations for my designs come from many sources, often based on a shape of an object or an architectural detail. I work compulsively; beginning by modeling and trying to combine elements in innovative ways. The forms are created through these model investigations and fabricated into their final organized arrangements.
The work I make is meant to be worn, but I also intend for it to be an interesting object when off the body. I think of my jewelry as small sculptures or miniature architecture, and the body, as my canvas. The pieces are thoroughly considered in terms of their weight and location when worn. I believe jewelry should be precise in its craftsmanship and an object of desire. (Jennaca Leigh Davies website - blog)
non sono gioielli di carta, ma mi hanno incuriosita questi suoi orecchini con ombra incorporata

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