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Fred Eerdekens: scrivere con le ombre

L'artista belga Fred Eerdekens è l'autore di queste incredibili sculture in rame, dei bizzarri ghirigori che con la luce proiettano sul muro frasi scritte con le ombre. Splendide.
Fred Eerdekens - A very short story

Fred Eerdekens - Endlessly

Fred Eerdekens -Cut Out

Fred Eerdekens - Minimum

Fred Eerdekens - No Angel

Fred Eerdekens - Could you suggest something vague

Entering the artistic space of Fred Eerdekens places the spectator in a semantic landscape in which what one had thought of as stable meanings are continually twisted and turned. What better way to figurize this than by letting the spectators themselves ‘twist and turn’ in trying to make sense of the objects. In spiralling around the objects, they in fact become direct figures of the play of logic that rules the objects. After the linguistic turn, and in the wake of post-structuralist thought, the topography of our mental landscapes has become increasingly intricate. The work of Fred Eerdekens attests to this fact and it provides a conceptual map of this, in many places still unknown territory. Hanjo Berressem, “Differentials and diffractors. Objects by Fred Eerdekens” (via)

Cercando l'autore (la prima foto non aveva alcun riferimento) ho trovato un sito inglese per i racconti brevissimi e imparato che
Ernest Hemingway's A very short story is a mere 633 words.
Virginia Woolf's A haunted house is just 710 words long.
Mark Twain's A telephonic conversation is 810 words.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez One of these days is 994 words in length.

Questo post ha 256 parole, più queste quindi 265!

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