giovedì 31 marzo 2011

My way di Othoniel al Centre Pompidou di Parigi

© Jean-Michel Othoniel
Queste intriganti bolle viola in vetro di Murano,  Lacan's Knot del 2009, è una delle opere di Jean-Michel Othoniel in mostra fino al 23 marzo al Centro Pompidou di Parigi in questa grande retrospettiva.
CATHERINE GRENIER – « My Way » is a reference to the song by Frank Sinatra. Does the song title also evoke nostalgia for your career? This exhibition has a retrospective angle made up of lost bread crumbs that you seem always to have followed to find your 'path'?
JEAN-MICHEL OTHONIEL – « My Way » is not a cover version of a classic. The song evokes instead a more solitary, individual path for me. – a path which is mine in part, while also amidst various movements in contemporary art that I have passed through over the last 20 years. In addition, « My Way », is a title that can easily be understood in countries where the exhibition will be held, that might be called a 'mid-career retrospective'. It is also a way of playing down this overview and making it less mummified, creating instead a constructive step forward. The exhibition is made up of 12 distinct spaces which are like mini one-man shows in themselves and map out my career; more than 80 works will be on show. (link)

The Pompidou Centre is the first major cultural institution to devote an exhibition to Othoniel, which traces his journey from 1987 to today. In complicity with the artist, the Centre Pompidou offers a retrospective of his work titled My Way.
Comprising a unique set of eighty works, this journey start from early work, confidential, intimate and poetic and leads the visitor to discover the monumental works, with their spectacular dimensions and their magical appeal striking the imagination. This journey is punctuated by stages, research and experiments, until the mid-1990s, the artist takes hold of flimsy materials, sensitive, such as sulfur, phosphorus and wax, between beauty and repulsion. These original materials, little used, became the vehicle of a reflection on the body, the suffering, the loss. The artist explores the boundary between the organic world and the natural world and questions the limits of the genre. Then, with the discovery of glass, its color, its infinite plastic possibilities mixing strength and vulnerability, the work of Jean-Michel Othoniel addresses a more sculptural reflexion, finds a new monumentality, began to move.
The exhibition is deployed in two spaces located within the National Museum of Modern Art, the Museum Gallery and the Gallery of Graphic Art, specially unified for the occasion. Meanwhile, the Children’s Gallery hosts two monumental works of the artist in a proposal entitled The Real wonderful.

Le collane giganti Perla bianca (venduta l'anno scorso all'asta per 110.000 euro) e Perla Nera

Jean-Michel Othoniel - Peggy's necklace, 2006, originally uploaded by sveeta.
Giant "minimal/baroque" glass necklace, an hommage to Peggy Guggenheim - cour de Crédit Municipal

(The fountain of pleasure and tears)
4 October - 24 November 2001

The Palais-Royal, Paris: Metro station in Place Colette, by Jean-Michel Othoniel

My Way, Jean-Michel Othoniel di centrepompidou

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